Eight years ago I went door to door listening to members of the District 208 community as I ran for the school board. What I heard was that voters wanted a fiscally responsible high school that provides quality education without all the drama. I believe during my time on the board, this message was received and acted upon.

As I leave the board after April’s election, I want to ask the District 208 community to support and vote for Matt Sinde and Ed Jepson. Matt and Ed have the experience which will benefit the District 208 community by continuing to provide quality education to our students in a fiscally responsible manner as requested by the taxpayers. 

One of Matt’s many contributions to the board of education includes working on the teacher’s contract the last two times. Ed has contributed in many ways, including working with our attorneys. Together, Matt and Ed’s experience and continued involvement with the school board will benefit our communities.

Also, it has been eight years since North Riverside was represented on the school board. The village of North Riverside has been a wonderful partner with Riverside-Brookfield High School in so many ways, including spearheading the First Avenue bike path which links North Riverside students directly with the high school. 

A vote for candidate Gina Sierra, from North Riverside would help continue this partnership the high school has with North Riverside. Gina’s main goal as an elementary school principal and member of the Komarek Board of Education has always been to ask, “What is best for students.”

Sinde, Jepson and Sierra will have my vote in early April.

Michael Welch


Ed. Note: Michael Welch is the RBHS District 208 board president.

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