Kathy Ranieri

Below are candidate-submitted answers to a biographical survey Riverside-Brookfield Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

Age: 47

Previous political experience: Village Clerk 2013-present

Community Involvement:

Dreams For Daniele Committee

Christmas For a Cause-Chairman

Costumes For a Cause-Chairman

Neighborhood Services Block Captain

Master Christi Parish Member

Past Board Member of North Riverside Little League

Riverside Brookfield High School Booster Club Member

North Riverside 75th Anniversary Committee

Occupation: Small business owner in Brookfield for 24 years

Education: Riverside Brookfield High School, Bel Mar School of Cosmetology

Why are you interested in the position of village clerk? 

As an active member of my community, I am able to have direct contact with many residents and businesses in North Riverside which enables me to not only promote community involvement within the village but also fulfill my passion to help others in need while keeping the residents aware of community events and Village news.

What is your understanding of the role of the village clerk and what do you feel is the most important aspect of that role?

The Village Clerk is the custodian of the Village’s seal and keeper of the Village records.  The Clerk is also responsible for attending the meetings of the Village Board to record minutes and attests to all Resolutions and Ordinances.  Making sure documents are easily accessible and readily available to residents is something that has improved throughout my term by the change in technology within the office.  

There is virtually no information about village board or village commission meeting dates and times, minutes of past meetings or meeting packet information available to the public on the village’s website. What is the clerk’s responsibility to ensure information about village government is available to the public? Is the village compliant with state law with regard to these matters? 

Information about the Village Board Meetings and Agendas are made available on our Village Website.  Committee meetings are read and recorded under the Board of Trustees Reports and are easily accessible to the public.  Copies are also available to residents through the Clerk’s Office.  State law requires minutes be made available to public seven days after approval and agenda be posted 48 hours prior to meeting and  both of those requirements have been met thus far. 

To what extent, if any, should the clerk participate in the discussion of issues being considered by the village board? 

Although the Village Clerk does not have a vote, during my term as Clerk there have been many times where I have voiced my opinion concerning various issues. I have met with the trustees and mayor multiple times to discuss an idea or plan that I thought would benefit the residents of North Riverside.  We work as a group and respect each other’s opinions which is one of the reasons we are successful.  I am a respected, active member of the community and know the concerns of residents due to the many years of community involvement.  

Are there any services the clerk’s office should offer that aren’t being offered now?

The Village of North Riverside has always provided numerous services to all residents within all of our departments and will continue to do so under our leadership.  As your Clerk, I have relocated a polling place to ensure the safety of our children and parents at Komarek School which also allows more parking for handicap and senior residents.

What would be your priorities as village clerk and how would you accomplish meeting those goals?

Priorities and goals is not only something I preach to my four children but something I continue to set for myself every year.  There is plenty more I would like to accomplish as Village Clerk of North Riverside.  Our facilities are an ideal location for an early voting site and will make the voting process much easier for all our residents.  This process has been started and will hopefully happen in the near future.  A paperless system is also something I feel needs to be addressed and I will continue to work with residents and their needs in North Riverside. 

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