My name is Carol Kissane, and I am incredibly passionate about the role of the library in our community. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than making a visit to the library and seeing our citizens — from infants to seniors — using our resources. 

I love to walk into the library and meet our diverse community while they are exploring the latest information on the newest devices. I think that our library is a unique asset to the community. It plays a pivotal role in providing information and resources to our town. 

It’s no secret — the way that information is provided is rapidly changing. How can the Brookfield Library continue to be a timely source of information and resources to our residents? 

Information accessibility and how information is provided has evolved and it’s important that the Brookfield Library continue to be at the forefront of technology.

I have served in a variety of roles on the library board. I am currently the library board’s treasurer, and I have held this position for the past six years. I review expenditures and help keep the library in a strong financial position. 

The healthier the financial position of the library, the better we can serve the community. In addition to my local board responsibilities, I have served for the past eight years on the Illinois Library Association’s advocacy committee. I advocate for our public libraries on a statewide level, ensuring that our state lawmakers understand the bills that relate to our important local resources. 

I am a representative for the small libraries, and I find this work very rewarding. I ensure that the Brookfield Library continues to receive a state grant of $19,000 — which pays for one additional part-time team member to assist our patrons. I have been recognized for my work by me peers, most recently winning the Illinois Library Association’s Trustee of the Year in 2012.

With how much I love the library, it’s easy to see why I wouldn’t want to miss any of the action. In fact, I have only missed three meetings in 36 years.

What do I want to accomplish within the next four years? I would like to focus on two goals. The first is to listen to our community and get feedback on community needs. 

As you know, the library referendum did not pass. I want to hear from the community; why did it not pass and what are the needs for the future? I want to hear what our community has to say. I want to analyze the quantitative and qualitative data to better position our community to secure resources for the future. 

The second goal I have is to ensure that our current resources stay in tip-top shape, and that we maintain our current library’s functionality. By investing money in our existing library, we will continue to provide excellent resources for our community.

I truly love our Brookfield Library, and I think that it is one of the most important resources in our community.

Carol Kissane is a candidate for the Brookfield Public Library Board of Trustees.