This is an important election for families who live in Lyons-Brookfield School District 103. If voters want to regain long-term independent control of the school board, then this is the opportunity.

Allowing the current board majority to consolidate its position on the board this year will make it very difficult in the near future to pry the fingers of Lyons Village Hall off of the school district. And, voters, that’s job one.

We enthusiastically endorse Margaret Hubacek, Shannon Johnson and Sharon Anderson for election in District 103. Hubacek, a longtime district employee and presence, could be a school board president. Johnson, an educator, would be able to bring knowledge of how other districts operate to benefit children. 

Anderson, though she was part of a prior school board that in many ways set the stage for the 2015 takeover by poor hiring choices at the top, is clearly independent and would maintain experience on a board whose majority simply takes orders from village hall, on whom many of their jobs and families’ jobs depend.

The other three candidates in the race, Kendra Pierce, Katie Broderick and Olivia Quintero have no interest in being accountable to voters and can’t be bothered to address them publicly.

This is your chance to regain citizen control of the District 103 school board. Take it.

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