I am a Chicago native and a Brookfield resident for over eight years, married, with two daughters, ages 4 and 1. 

Throughout my career, regardless of the type or size of a project or opportunity, I’ve learned that asking questions, sharing answers and having patience is vital to successfully complete any task. Regardless of whom I interact with, I treat everyone with respect, kindness and a touch of humor.  

I believe in the significant role a public institution has to a successful village. For over three years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to first serve on the Facility Advisory Committee and now currently as a trustee. I continue to be awestruck on the dedication and steadfast effort of the Brookfield Public Library’s staff to make the library such an important place. I trust that with my experience, outlook and passion, I can contribute to this wonderful institution.  

Adam Burghgraef is a candidate for a seat on the Brookfield Public Library Board of Trustees