Goodness, caring and loving from top to bottom makes a village so very special.

Mayor Hubert, Police Chief Lane, Fire Chief Brian, Village Administrator Guy, Public Works Director Tim, Rec Director Teresa and the whole legal department and everyone under each group working with them solving most problem as best as possible, with caring and sincerity.

Carl and Frank, caring for their own special child, but always available to help anyone else. Kathy organizing food delivery for the needy, helped by the village board and volunteers bringing great food to so many.

The handyman groups helping seniors with any all problems in such a positive way that it’s always like family. PeopleCare driving seniors and others to all types of medical services as needed for lack of transportation.

Volunteers at The Scottish Home and Cantata, brining good will, friendship, goodies, stuffed animals, sports pictures and anything else to brighten up residents on a regular basis – including pro bono legal service and information from our village leaders.

Village churches, especially the Holy Name Society at Mater Christi helping so many in so many positive ways.

Carlene and Mary and everyone else at the library make a visit there like seeing your best friends and relatives.

I know I missed many, but the whole village is a team of family led by all in their own caring way. They are the best.

 With all the negativity around us, what a breath of pine, beautiful, fresh, golden air and sunshine.

Jim Zak

North Riverside

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