I am a mother of a handi-capable daughter in Special Olympics under the guidance of Ms. Musil and Mr. Fields. I attended both meetings and was able to view the sit-in. 

I have to admit I didn’t realize the massive impact she had on so many students; my concern was for my child and others that could not be there to speak. I left the meetings with much more knowledge and respect for Ms. Musil and her students. 

It was amazing that they were sharing their personal stories in defense of Ms. Musil, and I am sure that wasn’t easy. I am absolutely convinced this decision was made before the meetings and the board of education was just going through the motions; it was obvious. 

It was impossible not to be moved. To be there in person and to feel the emotions is one thing you cannot view on RBTV. I am perplexed as how a teacher of this caliber, someone that gives so much more than teaching could be let go. 

Shame on all involved and I hope come April 4 we can start to clean up the BOE to a more sympathetic group of people who will listen to the students when its needed, they are the ones who are important. It shouldn’t always be about tennis courts and parking.

Kathleen Meade