I served eight years on RB’s Board of Education (1989-97) and have followed the school closely since. The quality of RB’s boards has varied dramatically over the years. When voter turnout is low, individuals are often elected who tend to spend money on extravagant capital projects while ignoring issues relating to academic achievement. 

When turnout is high, individuals are elected who focus on fiscal controls and student achievement. Right now, we are fortunate that the current board is one of the strongest in years. RB’s academic quality is as high as it has ever been, and the board is steadily paying off a mountain of debt it inherited from a prior board. 

A key player on RB’s current board is Ed Jepson, a highly regarded attorney who carefully monitors both RB’s finances and student performance. As a longtime RB resident, I’m delighted that Ed is willing to serve another four years as a board member and I strongly recommend his reelection on April 4. I also strongly encourage all voters to turn out for this important election.

Paul F. Stack