The Common Sense Party would like to offer a different perspective as it relates to the endorsements that RB Landmark gave to the longtime established PEP Party.

We respect our local journalist, but we want to clarify some points as the endorsement form the Landmark may appear to some as a political mail piece written from the PIP party than by your editors. 

The Landmark writes “After weathering a difficult couple of years during the economic downturn, Brookfield’s village government has clearly focused on the Village’s future.” 

It appears that you are looking at what they are going to do versus where we are at as a village. After 12 years we should not be looking at rhetoric but at actual results.

Why is it that our neighboring towns thrived during the same period as that the PIP Party held control of our local government. Experience is a good thing except when it’s not producing results. Electing the same people to the same office expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity. 

Our opponents can talk about all the grants and money they have leveraged till they’re blue in the face. 

The reality is that Brookfield is losing ground. 

Many of our neighborhoods are seeing abandoned houses, deteriorating sidewalks and alleys, we are not attracting enough new young professionals, our business corridors are revolving doors and new development is misplaced or nonexistent. Look at Ogden Avenue and Eight Corners.

Hold on, Ketchmark says he just rezoned the business district. How long did it take to figure out this needed to be done? Eight, 10, 12 years?

This is unacceptable. We need a change.

The Common Sense Party formed when residents realized they needed to get more involved in bringing an independent voice to Brookfield’s government to make a real plan for growth happen. 

Our slate is a group of dedicated residents, all who have served either in our armed forces or law enforcement; they believe that our local government should be looking out for our interest.     

The Common Sense Party candidates are not career politicians. They are community leaders who want to serve as citizen legislators for not more than two terms. We think that is exactly what Brookfield needs right now. 

We need independent leaders who are not part of the antiquated Brookfield political establishment. 

One last note, why is the PEP Party opposed to fair opposition?

Longtime Village President and PEP Party leader Kit Ketchmark continues to spread lies and attacks on the newly formed Common Sense Party. Their latest mailer contained a comparison chart with many lies and distortions about Common Sense Party.

It’s OK to support your party. It’s not OK to attack residents because they have new ideas and want a better Brookfield.

The Common Sense Party offers a solution to turn our village around. Please visit to learn more about our plans and join the movement to make Brookfield a village that works for its residents.

Candidates running for office in Brookfield on the Commons Sense Party slate include Roberto “Bobby” Garcia, president; Leilani “Lani” Cappetta, clerk; and Edward “E.J.” Frantzen, Kathleen Hillmann and Sherry Lada, trustee.