Please allow us to explain that North Riverside waste hauling and water services are no longer subsidized by the general fund due to the past respective non-VIP chairmen and members of those same committees who achieved what previous village boards could not accomplish within a span of 20-40 years.

At that time these measures where accomplished, Hermanek was not the mayor and instantly voted with both respective proposals that non-VIP chairmen succeeded in doing. By bidding out the first garbage contract in over 40 years and quickly instituting the water meter exchange program to induct accuracy and integrity to the purchases of our water supply and enterprise fund (which had been losing money for over 20 years). 

The Landmark’s editorial opinion that Hermanek supposedly and single-handedly overhauled these specific measures are false, inaccurate and undermine the hard work trustees of all political parties and village staff that engaged in a coordinated effort in working together to solve subsidization issues. 

He was not the Mayor at that respective time, yet is subsequently is reaping the benefits of his political party’s shortcomings and others’ hard work and determination.

It wasn’t until after the 2015 election that the administration realized the residents were fed up with the dilapidated state of our streets. Only then, after over 15-20 years of no major street projects, was there movement towards repairing our streets.

Finally, any presumptions that we cater to only the demands of union firefighters are simply laughable. We support “all” unions but more importantly attend to the needs of the North Riverside taxpayers first and foremost. 

Common sense experience supersedes any governmental experience. Our platform speaks for itself and hosts dozens of measures to improve our village.

The MVP Party slate of candidates includes H. Bob Demopoulos, president; Virginia Rodriguez, clerk; and Lawrence Manetti, Kevin Melvin and Pricilia (Jasso) Runquist, trustee.