In 2013, RBHS received a windfall $8.9 million state grant that had been applied for, nearly a decade ago, before the high school was renovated. The current board used this and other money to continue improving the RBHS facilities and have done a great job of executing this, using their skills to do that work efficiently. 

Now the money is nearly gone, the District 208 Board of Education already borrowed $6 million in 2015 and we face projected million dollar budget deficits in just three years. The time for building is over. 

With problems in teacher morale, increasing class sizes, excess AP classes, failure rates on AP exams 20 percent higher than at LTHS, and embarrassing student administration confrontations on the evening news, it is time for a District 208 board that knows how to negotiate with an open mind. I urge you to vote for candidates that will listen to the students, parents and community. 

I believe William “Wes” Smithing has the experience necessary. An executive at United Airlines he frequently negotiates with their unionized labor force and has the right attitude necessary to do work with all sides. 

Based on what I have heard at board meetings Ed Jepson seems to have the same qualities. If there is a third candidate with these qualities let me know.  

Guy Adami