Twenty-three million dollars for street and infrastructure repair. Record sales tax generated from dozens and dozens of new businesses. Eight million dollars in outside grants for village improvements. A flood mitigation program for homeowners. A brand new band shell and soon-to-be-built canoe launch. Reduced late night crime. Planning for the future. Professional management.

These past few years have seen significant progress for Brookfield. I was fortunate to witness it first hand for the past eight as a trustee on the village board. Although we have accomplished much, there is far more to do. At the same time if the wrong people are put into power, all the positive momentum could be wiped out in an instant.

As I see it, before you lead our town you must serve it first. Be a volunteer in Brookfield. Coach a Little League team. Help out at Project NICE. Sit on an appointed committee. Live in town for a significant number of years before running for office. There is a good reason the term “carpetbagger” is such an insult. 

Having been a trustee for two terms now, I can say that I would have been truly lost had I not been prepared ahead of time to serve on the board. My five years on two different village commissions were invaluable for me being ready for the big leagues. 

The training wheels need to come off long before you are elevated to the top level of our local government, where you bear the ultimate responsibility for the safety of our community and the values of our homes.

I’ve worked alongside Kit Ketchmark, Mike Garvey, Nicole Gilhooley and Brigid Weber. Our community is strong because of their leadership. Ed Cote is a new face with a fresh perspective and is the right person to join the others to keep Brookfield moving forward. They have earned and deserve our support.

Please vote PEP on April 4.

Brian Oberhauser


Ed. note: Brian Oberhauser is a Brookfield village trustee.