The North Riverside concerned citizens will help make the village business stay on track. It is very important that all registered voters get to their voting booths on April 4 and do their duty. 

Four years ago I was on the bandwagon for change in our small village. With my help and support for the VIP we made it happened. Yes, I was a candidate for mayor four years ago, but a technicality prevented me from getting on the ballot. I did not get sore, I realized that Mayor Hermanek and the new VIP candidates were for the same cause and decided to join them. 

Yes, at first some of my supporters disagreed and I had lost their support. Through the years as I silently campaigned, the residents that refused my ideology then, agree with me today due to all the hard work that has been put in saving our village.  

To the hundreds of residents that I came in contact with throughout the years and even recently, please do not be intimidated by anyone. Remember what we stand for and everything we talked about and what this village stands for. If we allow inexperienced, reckless and irresponsible people to run our village, the financial crises will be a repeat of the past. 

The recreation and public works departments serve the community well and they are an important part of better serving the community and its residents. I give an A+ to Mayor Hermanek who has chosen the right people for the jobs needed in our village. The disgruntled employees will always be the opposition who spread rumors and hate. These actions are not productive in any sense.  

As a North Riverside concerned citizen, I urge you to come out and vote for all the VIP candidates: Mayor Hubert E. Hermanek, Clerk Kathleen Ranieri, Trustee Joseph Mengoni, Theresa (Terri) Sarro and Fernando Flores. I will be in front of village hall on Election Day to greet you and yours.

George Georgopoulos

North Riverside

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