I’m one of the former residents of Riverside Lawn who was bought out by the Cook County Land Bank and relocated in a nearby village. 

Returning to the North Riverside Mall from the west since our move has resulted in two recent tickets at Harlem and Cermak, one which I paid and one which I contested by mail thinking it unreasonable to expect a driver to stop within three seconds after a light turns yellow in winter driving conditions. I was recently told by mail that they denied my argument and I must pay another $100 fine. 

When shopping for a new home I had hoped to find one in North Riverside, but all the ones I was interested in were sold while we waited for our offer from the Land Bank. Now I’m glad I didn’t buy there, because of these bloodsucking cameras and the questionable treatment of their firefighters and paramedics. 

I still have good friends living there and expect to visit again, but I want the village and all the local businesses to know I will try to shop anywhere else I can outside of North Riverside in the future. 

Robert Holdsworth