In two years when there are four seats up for election to the Lyons-Brookfield District 103 school board, residents should remember last week.

Desperate to keep their grip on the operation of the school district, the village of Lyons-controlled board majority handed out contract extensions to every administrator but one and gave new one-year contracts to employees who have never had such deals in the history of the school district.

The superintendent’s administrative assistant all of a sudden needs a contract? The maintenance director all of a sudden needs a contract? The superintendent, who already had a three-year contract suddenly needs a fourth year?

We’re surprised the district’s legal counsel somehow didn’t get an iron clad, three-year deal. Because, take it to the bank, the first order of business will be to give them the heave ho when the new majority is seated.

Residents of District 103, the current board majority is using your school district as a wallet to reward allies and attempt to subvert the will of the voters, who gave a back of the hand to that majority in the most recent election.

And then there’s this matter of photos of a board member’s granddaughter suddenly appearing right after the election and before the seating of a board that would result in a new majority.

Oh, sure, no one made any threats. Just a head’s up, you know, between us friends. It could be so embarrassing, we thought you should know.

Funny thing about those photos and that website. Who would even know to look for them there? The ad carries no name, no identifying address. If you wanted to punch someone’s name into an online search engine to scoop up tawdry details that could be used against that person or their family members, you’d never find that link.

Someone either got very lucky or knew what they were looking for. Either way, that says more about the person or people seeking to give the righteous heads-up than it says about the board member.

In any case, it has absolutely nothing to do with the board member’s position as an elected official and nothing to do with the education of the students of District 103 — unlike hiring political cronies to positions of power in the school district’s administration and then giving them contracts with no “out” clauses and then extending those contracts as the current majority’s goodbye present.

The new board members will be seated on April 27 – after another regularly scheduled board meeting. Will there be any more rabbits pulled out of hats between now and then? 

We don’t know, but residents and voters had better pay attention and then remember exactly how they’ve been treated.

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