Village administrators: You are accountable to your citizens as well as your businesses. Through ballot referendums in 2014 and 2016, your citizens overwhelmingly supported an incremental minimum wage increase, and voted to allow workers to accrue five paid sick days annually. 

Why did we already vote on it? Because these laws are good for the community. They’re good for families trying to make ends meet. They’re good for our kids, getting their first jobs. They’re good for our public health, since sick employees can get well versus spreading disease to unsuspecting customers. 

Do not try to opt out of Cook County laws that mandate these changes. Don’t try and slip in this discussion/decision quietly, in township meetings at the request of business owners. 

LaGrange tried to slip it through. And when the citizens found out, citizens made it clear the Cook County laws should stand. Listen to your citizens. What we have already told you, and what we’re telling you now. 

These Cook County laws are good for workers and customers, and don’t damage businesses. Our pocket of communities can’t be the outlaws, out of step with the rest of suburban Cook County. 

If we do, consumers and workers will go elsewhere, our school revenue will suffer, and it will tarnish the image of our villages

Lindsay H. Morrison