Just recently I’ve learned that last year, Cook County passed two ordinances to increase the minimum wage and also allow workers the ability to earn paid sick time. 

I truly believe in a hard-working, middle class town like North Riverside, this is important and necessary in order for working families to thrive and survive in our community. 

In reading minutes from a recent North Riverside village board meeting, though, I was very upset to see that there was discussion of possibly trying to opt out of these two ordinances. 

Earning a living minimum wage and paid sick time is the best way to build a stronger, healthier and happier work force which in turn builds happy and healthier families in our community. 

I sincerely hope that Mayor Hermanek and the North Riverside trustees will strongly consider supporting these two much deserved improvements to the basic rights of workers rather than opting out of them.

Josie Polanek

North Riverside