Not to be confused with the movie The Breakfast Club, Cantata Adult Life Services, formerly known as The British Home, is hosting another installment in its Best Life Breakfast Club on May 16 and 18.

There is a slight resemblance in that many of those in attendance will be of the high school generation, like the kids in the movie, but that is where the resemblance stops. According to Dan Urben of Cantata, the subject for the May 18 get-together will be “Bridging the Generational Canyon,” which is where the older generation comes in.

Along with breakfast, a panel of young adults will talk about the fundamental differences between generations and discuss a variety of subjects. The panel of young adults will be able to hear firsthand from people who may or may not have lived through the Great Depression, but who know of the impact it had on a generation. What was the Recession? What are some of the fundamental differences between the ages? 

The event will feature a question-and-answer session, and I would venture to guess there will be discussion on social media and whether it’s a good thing that it takes up so much time. The morning will be both informational and comical as generations join together.

Anyone remember when one went down town they were always dressed up? Any of you ladies still have those white gloves? Trends don’t always revolve around fashion; there have also been trends in food and leisure activities.

Many of the young people will be students from Riverside-Brookfield High School, who interact often with the residents at Cantata, according to Urben. Residents particularly enjoy the music presentations from the high school.

While it may seem there are miles between the generations, the “Bridging the Generational Canyon” will show the “miles” are not that far apart. This is an opportunity for the two generations to view things through a different set of eyes.

To learn more about The Best Life Breakfast Club, which will be held Tuesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 18 at 9 a.m., contact Dan Urben at 708-485-1155 to reserve a space as they fill up quickly. Cantata is located at 8700 31st St. in Brookfield.

And just for fun, if you haven’t seen the movie The Breakfast Club I highly recommend it. It is entertaining for all generations and was filmed here in the Chicago area.