There are some swearing-in ceremonies that just feel different. Two years ago, when a majority of candidates elected with the help of Lyons Village President Christopher Getty were sworn in on the Lyons-Brookfield District 103 Board of Education, the shift was palpable. 

Of course, it was made all the more palpable by a clumsy attempt to simply rewrite the rules for succession and just do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

April 27 was another shift of the gears. Despite last minute attempts by the outgoing majority to stack the administration with pals and give them contracts or contract extensions, and despite a ham-handed ploy to embarrass a school board member into resigning, a new majority is now in place, led by someone who knows a thing or two about how things work inside the District 103 central office.

On Monday, two of the majority members, including board President Marge Hubacek, held a “Come to Jesus” meeting with the district’s superintendent. The message apparently was clear. The superintendent – whose contract was extended until 2021 by the outgoing majority — is on notice.

What’s going on the District 103 is the result of voters taking seriously their duty to preserve good government, and while no one is perfect, this group of four women have the interests of parents, students and faculty in mind before their own interests or the interests of some political patron.

Changes are under way in District 103, and not a moment too soon.