As I end my second term as a trustee on the Brookfield village board, I want to thank the community for twice granting me this special privilege. Helping to guide our town as we plan for the future and keeping an eye on the day-to-day work of the village has been one of the most important and gratifying experiences in my life.

There has been tremendous change in Brookfield over the past eight years. When I first started the housing crisis had just begun. The focus in those early years was on just getting by. 

Fortunately we have been making incremental improvements as the years went on. I’m happy in my departure knowing that Brookfield now has a significant street repair program, new amenities in Ehlert and Kiwanis parks, a distinctive band shell and a soon-to-be-built canoe launch on Salt Creek. 

Our police and fire departments have the equipment and training to protect us. A new long-range, comprehensive plan is currently in the development process. The village puts on and also co-hosts with the Chamber of Commerce many wonderful events throughout the year. 

Often Brookfield has been likened to a diamond in the rough. To me though, Brookfield is already a jewel of a town – one that just needs a little bit of polish here and there. 

What has made and continues to make Brookfield a special place is the people. Members of the community volunteer for Little League and at Project NICE, sit on committees and commissions, and look out for their neighbors. 

The community hosts a vast number of fundraisers to support the Scouts, church groups and people struggling to pay medical bills. Even small acts like capturing a dog that escapes from a neighbor’s yard testifies to this being a fabulous community.

Being a trustee has been a wonderful experience. Over my two terms I’ve worked with two village presidents, two village managers, and 10 different trustees. Each and every one of them was committed to doing what was best for Brookfield. 

The full-time village employees are hardworking, talented and dedicated. It helps greatly that Brookfielders care about their town and that a general consensus exists on the best way for our community to move forward. 

True, there remains many ways in which Brookfield can still be improved. I’m confident though that together we will find our best path to the future. 

Brian Oberhauser