The Share Food Share Love Food Pantry has designated June as “Change for Hunger” month.  The Pantry is asking individuals, groups and anyone who is interested in helping address the need for food assistance in our communities, to collect change that the Pantry will then use to buy food to distribute to people in need.

“It is always more difficult to collect donations in the summer” said Share Food Share Love Administrator John Dumas, “Everyone is busy with vacations, picnics, little league and all of the fun activities that we look forward to throughout the long winter months.  It’s easy for all of us to forget that fighting hunger is a year-round effort.”  

Volunteers from Share Food Share Love will be visiting local businesses and asking them to place a coin collection canister near their cash register. If you are interested in placing a can in your business, you can contact the Pantry at or by calling 630-347-5390.  Pantry volunteers will also be out on the streets on June 24 making a final push for donations. For more information, please visit the Pantry website at   

The Share Food Share Love Food Pantry is an agency of the Greater Chicago Food Depository and receives most of its food from them.  Much of the food the Depository distributes is free for their agency pantries, but if the Depository has to pay for particular items, that cost is passed along to the pantries. This makes fund-raising something that the pantries need to be doing throughout the year.

Fortunately, because the pantries receive much of the food for free, and the rest at a deep discount, even a small amount of change can make a big difference. “We can provide a full meal for a family for just pennies,” Dumas said. “It really doesn’t take much to make a big difference in the lives of those facing a food crisis.”

*Submitted by Share Food Share Love Food Pantry