Cantata Adult Life Services recognized its many volunteers at its annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on June 1. The organization each year honors those local residents who dedicate their time to helping other. Some of the volunteers have been working with Cantata for 10 or more years. Among those honored were: (front row, from left) Tom Holt, Carmella Valaskovic, Lottie Baisa, Mary Polas, Genevieve Joseph, Celeste Casper, Kivi Davidson, Debbie Hodge, Pat Sonn; (second row, from left) Janet Mallo, Carol Mysicka, Marilyn Sara, Eileen Spetter, Millie Sawusch, Louise Dorsey, Joyce Nemec, Paul Becker, Myra Zak, Sarah Davidson; (third row, from left) Bob Stephansen, Donna Tuider, Jeff Levine, Laura Dorta, Jack Stephenson, Kathy Doubek, Don Doubek, Berni Koprowski, Jerry Skowronski, Jim Conway and Jim Zak.