The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has nailed down a start date for repairs to the Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer in Brookfield.

Last week, an official from Kenney Construction, the general contractor, said work on Washington Avenue will begin “on or about June 26” and will proceed for about two months.

MWRD officials reportedly approved plans last week for repairing the 42-by-60 inch sewer that runs below Washington Avenue. Crews will feed flexible tubes impregnated with resin into the sewer line and then use hot water to cure it in place, essentially creating a new pipe inside the existing concrete pipes, which date to about 1927.

Installation of the first liner will take place at the corner of Washington and Hollywood avenues.

Work in Brookfield will commence after Kenny Construction installs liners in pipes below First Avenue. That work was slated to begin June 12 and was expected to last about two weeks.

Washington Avenue will be reduced to one lane of traffic in the areas where work in being staged. However, two-way traffic on the street will be maintained by the installation of temporary traffic signals at each end of the construction zone.

Pace buses will be rerouted during construction, according to Erik Llewellyn,

principal transit planner for Pace. On Route 304, eastbound and westbound, buses will detour to Brookfield Avenue between Golf Road/Woodside Avenue and Prairie Avenue.

Work will proceed both north and south on Arden Avenue after the Washington Avenue sewer is lined. Construction is expected to be wrapped up on Washington Avenue before the end of August.