A group of high school students from Riverside Presbyterian Church recently returned home from a mission trip to Perrysville, Arkansas, where they worked at Heifer Ranch, which is part of Heifer USA and Heifer International, nonprofits seeking to eradicate hunger and poverty by providing communities with resources and training to sustain themselves through agriculture and livestock farming.

In addition to work around the ranch, the students spent a night in the Global Village, a simulation where each group is assigned to different housing, representative of what would be found in an impoverished area of a foreign country.

Groups were given limited resources to help them through the night, with some given very little and others controlling such resources as water and firewood. Eating dinner that night depended on bartering with others and a wise use of scarce resources.

Through the experience, the students learned first-hand about the broader world and became more aware of situations very different from their own.

Among those making the trip were students Josh Ranft, Kaki Lynch, Michael Lynch, Eva Harvin, Sylvia Harvin, Olivia Meyer, Kip Friend, Cal Friend, Natalie Lisle, Rachel McLean, Laura McLean and Cathy Yuen and adult leaders Dale Jackson, Lisa Marciniak, Matt Lisle and Ellen Hamilton.