A home slated for demolition in Riverside Lawn — an old, stone home once owned by the neighborhood’s founder — has been declared eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

But it’s unlikely that the house will escape its fate as salvage. The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has asked the Cook County Land Bank Authority, which purchased the home as part of a flood-mitigation buyout program, to see just what it would take to relocate the house to Riverside.

But with a limited budget for demolishing the 20 other homes the land bank owns in Riverside Lawn, it’s unlikely there’s enough to also buy land in Riverside and move the historic structure.

Still, it was great that a thorough study of the home, and three others, was completed and will be available to the public in the future.

The demolition of Alexander Watson’s home may have been delayed, but don’t expect it to be postponed forever. If you want to tell your grandkids what Riverside Lawn was like back in the day, you’d best make a visit in the next month or so.