History continues to show that decades upon decades of spending more money to fix any problem only entrenches the machine even more. 

The priest who married us explained that the best way a couple can take care of their kids, is to take care of each other. The best way to take care of raising revenue is to take care of managing the spending.

I have a hard time reconciling how entrenched politicians are able to justify/explain/rationalize/coerce the public upon the merits of spending well in excess of the revenue brought in the system is good for the state (“Zalewski: Tax hike ‘in best interest’ of Illinois,” News, July 12). 

The concept of, “having to make the hard choices,” when lowering overspending from egregious to enormously over budget seem to defy reality. How is it possible that any other states in the country spends less than Illinois? 

Why is the concept of a budget surplus grounds for excommunication? The simple truth is no one wants to fight how much corruption costs

Bill Judy