Despite the often poor and troubled leadership of the Catholic Church, which controls billions and billions in property, investments, clothes and artifacts while thousands of children die of starvation around the world, the Holy Name societies are out there doing their jobs.

On June 23, Mater Christi Parish in North Riverside, which has probably the biggest and one of the most active Holy Name societies, hosted the 37th annual spiritual assembly with a beautiful outdoor Mass in front of the shine of the Mother of Mothers.

There was an overflow crowd, the weather was fine and an aura of goodness, sharing and love seemed to enhance the outdoor Mass.

This is the unusual aura of the Mater Christi Holy Name. The members as well as the parish work untiringly to help any and all who are in need. Yet, the beauty of Mater Christi is that this is the norm, and you can feel it whenever you deal with all church members.

I’m proud to belong to the Holy Name, but I am most satisfied for knowing a group of people always willing to help and are always satisfied knowing that they helped in a needed area.

Time for the hierarchy to wake up and start following the Holy Name members who know the real score.

Jim Zak

North Riverside