Did you miss me last week? Slight glitch, not quite sure what it was, but that was only the third column I have missed in 19 years of writing for the Landmark. So here we are, I will try again.

“When I am sorry, I say I am sorry.” Yes that is a line from my favorite movie, Dirty Dancing. A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor on behalf of the Friends of the Fourth thanking the many who had helped make Riverside’s Independence Day celebration great. 

Seems when writing of the Riverside Recreation Department, I referred to the wrong person, who is not even with department any longer, and so I apologize to Program Director Anne Hanrahan. 

Anne is an important part of the July 3-4 celebration before, during and after the events. Her calm manner keeps those of us on the committee on task and is always available to answer any questions. Most times she is a step ahead of us. 

You will see her on July 3 at the concert, on July 4 at the race, during the parade and after to help clean up and she never looks tired. So if you meet Anne, tell her thanks for being such an asset to Riverside. Good hire, Ron. Again I apologize; let’s do lunch.

July 4 trivia: How many times on the morning of July 4 could Joe Ballerine be seen on Longcommon Road performing some official task?

So, this happened: While I’m thanking people, a big thank you to the police and fire departments who responded to our house on July 18 when I passed out. Don’t remember a thing, but they got me where I needed to be in a timely manner. Was the siren on? 

I remained at MacNeal for a four-day stay where it was determined my blood sugar had gone dangerously low, and I’m not even diabetic. I’m doing better. Thanks to all involved, particularly Riverside Fire Department, you’re the best. Another reason to be Riverside proud! Thank goodness Aunt Diana’s has reopened, so I can get my sugar level up.

Buy the book: If you missed Riverside Village President Ben Sells’ recent discussion of his book The Tunnel Under the Lake, be sure to get a copy and read about this fascinating chapter in the history of Chicago. 

I would suspect the library has a copy, but you can purchase your own. Sells explanation was very clear and I walked away feeling that if there had been a quiz, I would not have done badly.