On Aug. 13, 2003 the Landmark published a story headlined “Brookfield considering creation of dog park.” Yeah, admittedly, not the snappiest headline in the world.

On Aug. 9, 2017, the Landmark has a story headlined “Is a dog park in Brookfield’s future?”

Judging by the intervening 14 years of complete inertia on the dog park front, we’d venture to say, “No.”

Back in 2003, village officials pinned their hopes on being able to convince the Cook County Forest Preserve District to set aside some land in one of the meadows bordering the village.

But county officials never warmed to that idea, and in the meantime opened a dog park at Miller Meadow on First Avenue, just north of Cermak Road. Not exactly Brookfield, but close-ish. We’d imagine the county is fine with that being their contribution.

The Brookfield dog park discussion through the years has seemed like a lot of wheel spinning. Is this one any different? We’ll check in another 14 years.