With all the negative news showing up in the media, I am happy to submit a good experience which happened to me. 

A few weeks ago, while driving to an appointment, my car engine stopped in the middle of downtown Riverside. Within seconds, smoke started emitting from under the hood. 

Almost immediately, people stopped to ask if I was OK and to offer assistance. One woman called the local garage and said she would stay with me until they arrived. The mechanic was quick to ascertain that the car needed to be towed and between him and a friendly policeman, they managed to get the car to an available parking spot. 

The local corner business allowed me shelter while I waited for the tow. Riverside Garage was very accommodating in taking my car in and trying to assess the problem, despite the fact that every bay was filled with cars being serviced. 

They were able to determine the problem and had the car back to me by the next afternoon, which considering their work load was amazing. I didn’t have to rent a car or cancel any other appointments. I would highly recommend their services. 

Thanking all those who came to my rescue seems like a small gesture compared to the relief I felt afterwards. It was just another assurance that good, caring people are the majority of what makes up our town and our country. 

Sue Matulionis