As a life-long resident of Brookfield and supporter of building strong communities that span across village borders, I am writing to encourage the village of LaGrange to be cognizant of the noise pollution created by the LaGrange Endless Summer Fest in Gordon Park. 

I live in Brookfield about two miles away (according to Google) from Gordon Park and the past two evenings (Friday, Aug. 4 and Saturday, Aug. 5) have been filled with significantly loud music from your festival. I finally resorted to turning on the air conditioning even though it is a nice evening out and yet the sound reverberates through the windows. 

If this was the result of one of my immediate neighbors I would simply ask them to turn the sound down, and given the good neighbors I have there would be respect of how sound travels. I did call the Brookfield non-emergency police number; however, since the sounds are traveling across town borders there is little recourse other than to ask you that in the future the planners of LaGrange Endless Summer Fest are aware of how the sound is traveling. 

I recognize LaGrange is likely within their legal limits. However, this is not a legal issue as much as it is a good neighbor issue – especially for those, like my wife and I who are pastors, who need to get rest on Saturday evening to work on Sunday morning. I have also cc’d the village manager of Brookfield in the hope that some resolution and responsible action can begin between our communities to insure future festivals on each side of our village borders can occur without disturbing each other.

I believe by working together as good neighbors our villages can support peaceful environments as well as festivals celebrating community pride.

Rev. Dr. Bill Ressl, LCSW