I have come to the conclusion that President Trump is subjected to constant attacks because he chooses to be honest and tell it like he thinks it is, something the citizens of the United States apparently cannot handle from a politician. 

They are too accustomed to having their ears tickled by elected officials who for decades have chosen to tell the people what they want to hear and not what they need to hear. 

Politicians cannot be honest if they wish to appease a broad constituency. They choose to hide behind a cloak of political correctness out of fear of offending somebody or special interest groups. They speak in broad generalities about real issues and wax poetically with meaningless drivel about current events. 

Like him or hate him, President Trump deserves our respect for having the intestinal fortitude to break the mold of the politician who is in office to appease the masses with lullaby rhetoric. 

Political correctness corrupts honesty, freedom of speech, and the very fiber of what made America great. 

When we, as a nation, come to the point where we can’t handle the truth, can’t tolerate differences of opinion, or can’t think beyond the vast wasteland of social media, our land will no longer be the USA. It will be rebranded the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The name is available, right?

John G. Brokopp


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