Lyons-Brookfield Elementary School District 103 officials are considering adding a bus route to serve Lincoln School students who live north of Ogden Avenue.

The bus service would be provided free of charge to students living north of Ogden Avenue, who have to cross the busy thoroughfare to get to Lincoln School, 4300 Grove Ave. in Brookfield. The school serves children who live in Lyons and Brookfield.

But before adding a new bus route, District 103 officials are trying to find out how many students would take the bus. They sent out a questionnaire to families, but thus far have not received many responses.

“We’ve only had a handful of responses,” said District 103 Superintendent Carol Baker. “We’re reaching out at this point and making some more personal contact.”

Baker said that about 160 families in the Lincoln attendance area live north of Ogden, but only about a quarter of those families have children attending Lincoln School.

“The issue is we want to make sure we have enough room on a bus, so we need a little more concrete information about numbers,” Baker said.

Currently there is no bus service to Lincoln School.

Baker said that it is possible a new bus would serve only Lincoln students or, if only a few kids would take the bus, a current bus route could be changed to also serve Lincoln School students.

School board members have made it clear that they don’t want elementary school students to ride on the same bus as middle school students.

Baker said that it would probably cost the district $250 to $300 a day to pay for a new bus route. 

Baker said that it is not clear how quickly the district’s bus company, First Student, would be able to add a new bus route. It is not easy for bus companies to hire bus drivers these days and would likely take some time, Baker said.

Two parents at a recent school board meeting criticized First Student and the service it has provided in District 103 in the first two weeks of the school year.

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