I am writing to express my admiration for North Riverside mail clerk, Jamaul, who exhibited an extraordinary act of kindness. While waiting to have my package weighed and stamped for delivery, I observed an elderly woman with a cane, trying to enter the North Riverside Post Office. She was trying to balance herself with the cane, while holding a large box.

Jamaul excused himself and ran to assist the woman with her box. He took the box, held the door and escorted the lady into the post office. He completed my mailing; then he went to the lady’s car to bring in more packages for her.

Needless to say, I was most impressed. The display of extraordinary manners is not common in today’s world. I want to recognize Jamaul’s attention, kindness and patience. He deserves credit for going above and beyond his ordinary duties.

Barbara Silvestri

North Riverside