All presidents are subject to attacks, recall President Obama and President George H.W. Bush if you need current examples. The attacks on Jefferson and Adams are well documented for historical reference. 

It is civil discourse that we need, not a politician that does not know how to withstand, overcome and/or ignore attacks or people who disagree with him. It comes with the territory as the leader of the free world. 

We might curb our vitriol if President Trump would set an example as other leaders do on a daily basis. 

Teachers know that students make fun of them, deride them, often times when a teacher is trying their hardest. He/she is too enthusiastic about the subject they teach so he/she is called a nerd, obnoxious or much worse. 

The teacher is not expected to get down to the student level. They set examples of how one should act in a civil society. It would be a travesty if all teachers acted as if they were one step closer to a bar fight when confronting students. 

It is rather juvenile to equate political correctness with anything other than civility, politeness, inclusion, decency, and concern for others’ feelings. Would you use foul language, call people names, and/or ridicule them if you were trying to sell them something? 

Adults should have learned to distinguish between casual conversation and the importance of the president of the United States to be respectful. Respect the office of the president, get the chip off your shoulder, be a man, a leader and a role model, not a school bully, Mr. Trump; grow up. 

Independent fact checkers and videotape prove President Trump is not “simply telling it like it is.” He tells lies, contradicts himself, is rude and self-serving. It is up to the people to expose him. 

Participatory government includes these investigations. If people think we should act and speak like the lowest common denominator in our society, we need to re-examine what civility is and what people’s priorities should be. Ask students at RB. They can tell you that character counts.

James Landahl