Pull out that old high school yearbook and get ready to shake those pompons, because it is reunion time. Traditionally, the events are coordinated with “homecoming,” when alumni return to their alma mater to reunite with friends and tell what has happened in their lives since leaving the hallowed halls. Many stories to tell, some true and some not so true.

Having attended Nazareth Academy, then an all-girl school, homecoming was not quite the same. Classes tended to have luncheons; they were a bit subdued but many of those lunches lasted way into the evening hours. 

I did have the benefit of having many friends at RB who included me in many things, and so I learned the fine art of putting crepe paper into chicken wire to make floats for the homecoming parade, another tradition gone by the wayside. I sometimes wonder if today’s students understand what homecoming was intended to be.

Football games were held on Saturday afternoon, with a pep rally the night before where the homecoming king and queen and their court were named. Wonder if I would have been named to the court? 

Most people can remember the name of their homecoming queen, not so much the king, Bunny Booster was queen in 1960 — and with that name who could forget her? I’m not sure what she is up to today, but Shelly Mizaur Shepherd, RBHS homecoming queen of 1986, is the information and education program manager Arizona Game and Fish Department in Flagstaff, Arizona. Who would have thought that in 1986?

This year, there will be a reunion of the RBHS classes 1956, ’57 and ’59, the idea being that you were friends with students from other years and not just your own. The groups will get together on Saturday, Sept. 23 at P.J. Klems Restaurant in Lyons at 6 p.m. Contact Judy West Jisa at 708-267-1796 to learn more. I understand Elvis will be in the house. I don’t remember him from RBHS.

Review that yearbook, so you will remember those you will encounter and, of course, you haven’t changed a bit from high school, at least that’s what I like to tell myself. Oil of Olay, the right makeup and good lighting may help pull it off. 

Ah, those memories never to be forgotten.