Is it a sign, or should I write signs of the time? Seems of late the area, and that includes all of the Landmark territory has been inundated with lawn signs. It used to be you’d only see “for sale” signs or, during election season, candidate signs in front of houses.

Now, however we are seeing more signs than I care to see. The late Lady Bird Johnson strove to make America beautiful by removing signs (although I did like the Burma Shave signs on the side of mainly rural roads). 

She would probably cringe with what we see now which advertises businesses, schools, garage sales, and currently more personal expressions. I could elaborate on all but won’t. Everyone is entitled to express themselves in some form or another, signs being one of them. Signs can be distracting if you are driving, so I tend to ignore them, so obviously some messages are lost on me.

How long should signs stay up? Well, definitely when they start to fade and in the case of elections, the day after, particularly if your sign is of a non-winner (loser is too harsh a term, at least they made the effort). The signs can evoke conversations, which is good as long as they are kept in perspective.

Do I not like signs? I like the ones announcing a birthday or birth of a child; they are most often cute and clever, though birthday signs can be embarrassing if you have been lying about your age for many years. Having been the recipient of a birthday barrage, it was fun, and I was amazed how the company snuck in at the dark of night and just as easily they were gone.

I do believe that villages only have jurisdiction over parkway land, but hopefully good taste will prevail on private property.

I’m signing off on this subject.

Editing the editor: My column of last week had to do with some yearbooks from the Riverside Woman’s Club and the Riverside Junior Woman’s Club, yes Junior Woman’s Club not Junior Woman’s Charity. 

Originally it was the Junior Woman’s Club, which I had submitted in the column but did not appear that way in print. The “club” name was subsequently changed, but people still tend to refer to it as “Juniors” no matter what the official name is. There, now that is cleared up.