For eight years, along with many caring North Riverside people, I have helped pick up and deliver food for needy people. At times, distribution is at my discretion. Everyone I’ve dealt with I consider a friend.

On a recent Friday, I was bombarded with thoughts of a friend in need of food. I had only a few small bags on hand, and after paying bills and cleaning up other projects, I decided to take a few bags to this friend.

However, it was now 9 p.m. I never delivered that late, and I couldn’t make a phone connection. I decided to drop off what I had at the front door.

Pulling up in front of my friend’s house, I saw my friend standing there, holding both doors open, like expecting this special delivery. I was directed to take the food to a kitchen counter where the cupboard was bare.

My friend had fallen, broken a large bone in his arm and was scheduled for surgery in three days. The food was just enough to hold over three to five days until surgery.

We talked for over a half hour, so I was totally positive and encouraging, and I left on a high note for both of us.

I still don’t know how this all happened. Was it telepathy or just a coincidence? In any case, the surgery was successful, my friend is back home, more food has been delivered and things are going well.

Jim Zak

North Riverside