Normally I am the one doing the interviewing, but last week was a turnaround when I was interviewed for RBTV for their program “People in Perspective,” a student-produced show. 

Students must select the person they will interview and do some preliminary work before the day of taping. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from RBHS student Jovanis Prodanich (my new friend) asking if he could interview me. Of course, I said yes.

The day of the taping I was led to Studio B where we were seated at a desk similar to what one would see on a major network set. There was a small gallery where some students were seated, my live audience. Three students operated the cameras, and after a voice check and a 3-2-1, we were set to go.

Most of the questions dealt with community activities and recognitions I have received, but time was spent talking about my column in the Landmark. Here was my commercial, for the column and the paper. 

Time passed quickly and the previously nervous interviewer actually was quite relaxed, since in our previous talks I encouraged him to think of it as a conversation between him and me. He did well, I hope he gets a good grade and I had fun.

As we talked about the column, I was proud to say I have been writing it for 20 years, with my first column appearing on Sept. 11. 1997 and headlined “Saluting N.R.’s music lady.” 

The subject was Pat Poremba, music director at Mater Christi Church and school and musical director for many musical productions in the area. Sad to say, but Pat passed away this week. Her talent will be long remembered.

So I will continue writing this column which, over the 20 years, I have only missed three times, so that would be 1037 columns and about 414,800 words. Whew! Thank you to all my readers, publisher Dan Haley and editor Bob Uphues. I’m still having fun.

If you ever get a chance to see the RBTV studios, you will see the many awards the department has won. Run by Gary Prokes, it is a great opportunity for and the station produces some good TV viewing, much of it live. You can watch the station’s livestream or watch shows on demand at

Can’t forget Halloween next Tuesday. Hope your trick-or-treating goes well and safely — and for Nancy Dvorak, watch for the Whoppers.