Motorists are being asked to avoid East Burlington Street east of Riverside’s downtown due to a water main break. The street has been closed to traffic between North Herbert and North Delaplaine roads.

Public Works Director Edward Bailey said the break happened around 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 13, and residences in that area have been without water since that time. According to Bailey, workers found that an portion of the 12-inch main was split on the bottom of the pipe. The crew clamped the pipe and repressurized it, only to find that there was a second break elsewhere. 

Bailey said a section of pipe about eight feet long will have to be replaced in order to repair the water main, and that the job will take hours to complete.

“Water will probably be down in that area for the next several hours,” Bailey said.

This story has been changed to reflect a change in the part of Burlington Street affected by the closure.