There are ample opportunities to give one’s opinions at different times and places, but unless we’re asked for them, we don’t always offer our opinions and grouse about the results later. 

So here I am grousing, because I didn’t take the time to offer my opinion when it was appropriate. I write about the “branding” of Riverside and the village’s new slogan, or whatever it is being termed. 

I realize the buzzword is “branding” in today’s marketing world, and for Riverside “they” have come up with “get off the grid.”

Now, growing up Riverside, this doesn’t do it for me and if I were an out-of-towner it wouldn’t intrigue me in the least. We have always had a uniqueness and we should have built on that, emphasizing what we have that would build curiosity to explore Riverside (hey, there’s a slogan). 

I like to think my town is “something different” and is “tree-mendous” and people need to “discover Riverside.” 

Riverside is such a beautiful place, we could sell it visually and encourage people to explore the village to see for themselves. Without much effort or a GPS, interested parties could “wind up in Riverside” and we can let them know “you found it.”

Did you get that I don’t care for what they are intending to use, and did you notice there were some suggestions thrown into the above text that came to mind? I admit, I am somewhat possessive of my town and want what’s best — that being the vibrant shopping area it once was. Just to throw it in, whenever I see or hear the Riverside Arts Weekend’s abbreviation “RAW” I still think of wrestling and not an art show. Can’t you just see a ring in Guthrie Park?

It would have been nice for more residents to give suggestions and it would not have cost a thing. OK, that’s just my opinion. I wasn’t asked but I gave it anyway.

If you are reading this before Thanksgiving, may you enjoy your day with family and friends. And if it is post-Thanksgiving, I hope it was a good day and you have leftovers to enjoy. I am thankful for you all.