Thanksgiving is over and now the holiday season can officially begin, at least on my calendar. By now you have had your fill of turkey and stuffing, and if there is any left I would suggest you dispose of it unless you are planning a science experiment in your fridge.

The weather has been exceptional for this time of year, and some of you were smart enough to put up your outside decorations unless you prefer fumbling with the gloves and freezing while trying to straighten out the Christmas lights. Someone in my house feels it should be cold to do the lights, not me. I don’t need to be in the spirit that way.

So, you take down the box of lights, which may or may not be mangled in the box, and %#+# try to straighten them out before testing them. These, of course, were all the lights that worked last year.  

And they will work until you put them on the bushes and the next day go out and #@&*# they’re out. So you take them off and start over. Now my mother, God bless her, felt it was better to find the bad bulb rather than dispose of the entire string. She would go through those 100 lights as patiently as possible; I think it was her therapy. We finally convinced her the lights were cheap enough to just go buy a new string.

What to do with those darn burned out lights? Well, I have just learned that the Lions Club will take them whether they are good or not. So, if you would like to dispose of them, place them in a bag or box and contact someone from the Riverside Township Lions Club — that would be me or other members — and we will handle it. 

Hopefully we will be able to get a box in the area to collect the lights. Aside from Christmas lights, the Lions also collect eyeglasses, hearing aids and printer ink cartridges. What you dispose of can be used to help others.

Time to send this off! It is Cyber Monday and I have some shopping to do. This is great, I don’t even need to look for a parking space or put on makeup in case I run into anyone. Don’t forget to shop local, too. There are some good finds in Riverside, North Riverside and Brookfield.