I have read your article regarding the properties I purchased at Eight Corners (“Former realty office sells at Eight Corners,” News, Dec. 6). I have lived in Brookfield, was on the village board for eight years and have had a business in Brookfield since 1975. I love Brookfield and want Eight Corners to be a beautiful area to visit and enjoy.

I have been asked several questions about the article and whether these properties would be on the tax rolls. I purchased Kewpies Hotdogs at 3434 Maple Ave. many years ago. It is subject to real estate tax, state tax and county tax. Kewpies will be a specialized doughnut shop that Compassion United Methodist church will be running.

As a commercial building with unrelated trade or business per Section 512 and 513 of the IRS tax codes, income tax, real estate taxes and sales taxes will be paid.

I have purchased 3452 Grand Blvd., which was the old Lagori’s/Nutriworld building. It will be operating a specialized restaurant that will complement, rather than compete with my favorite restaurants, Broadway Pancake House and Mary’s Morning Mix-Up. Of course, income tax, real estate taxes and sales tax will be paid.

I have purchased 3501 Maple Ave., the old Harps Realty building. I am not sure at this time what the use will be, just that it has been abandoned with “Stop Work Order” on it for years.

The inside had to be gutted due to a busted pipe, but whatever it will be, it will incur income tax, real estate taxes and possibly sales tax.

The property between 3434 and 3452 Grand Blvd. is designated for a community center/church with commercial property (bookstore, ice cream shop coffee shop?) and possibly six condos as part of the plan.

Everyone I have spoken with says that Brookfield needs a community center. Children that have something to do are less likely to be in trouble than children that have nothing to do.

The commercial portion will be subject to income tax, real estate tax and sales tax. Unless Congress changes 300 years of American law, the church property will not pay real estate taxes, but it will generate business for Tischler’s, Leo’s Liquors, CVS and the other businesses in the area by the people coming to Eight Corners.

The property at 9210 Broadway Ave. (Sparkle Cleaners) is not my property. It is owned by the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church. Compassion United Methodist Church has taken an old eyesore building and made it into a beautiful art gallery where both children and adults can see and buy art and take painting and ceramics classes. There will also be church services on Sunday. 

This will also generate income taxes, sales tax and real estate taxes as it is for-profit. The use of the building, not the owner, determines this/

My sole goal is to make Eight Corners a beautiful area to visit and enjoy. I hope to work with the village of Brookfield, the Brookfield community and Compassion United Methodist Church to make this happen.

Linda Sokol Francis


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