A long-vacant side lot of a single-family home in the 3800 block of Madison Avenue in Brookfield could one day accommodate another home if the village board accepts a recommendation by the Brookfield Planning and Zoning Commission to allow the owner to re-subdivide the property.

Planning and zoning commissioners on Dec. 28 unanimously recommended re-subdividing the property at 3845 Madison Ave., which is at the south end of the block, to create one 30-foot lot and a roughly 60-foot lot.

The newly created 60-foot wide lot on the corner of Madison and Southview avenues could accommodate another new single-family home. The newly created 30-foot lot would be considered “substandard” by the zoning code. However, both sides of the block have numerous homes on substandard 30-foot lots. Commissioners on Dec. 28 also recommended approval of a zoning variation to allow the existing single-family home on the new substandard lot. 

The new 60-foot lot would line up nicely with the 60-foot wide residential lot immediately to the east and with the property to the west, across Madison Avenue.

Village planning staff had recommended dividing the property into a pair of 40- and 50-foot wide lots, but commissioners agreed that the lot division proposed by owner Kevin McNicholas fit in with the rest of the block.

McNicholas said he would tear down the existing garage for his home and build a new one at the rear of the new 30 foot lot. The existing garage is set slightly south of McNicholas’ home.

Three neighbors on the block signaled their support for McNicholas’ plan, saying that a new single-family home on the new 60-foot lot would boost their property values and add to the village’s coffers.

“I’d like to see nothing more than the village gain revenue from property tax … see my property values go up and getting a buffer from the train would be a big help,” said Dave Spankroy, a longtime resident of the block.

The Brookfield Village Board may get its first look at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendations at the committee of the whole meeting on Jan. 22.

According to Emily Egan, Brookfield’s village planner, McNicholas does not have any plans at this time to develop the new 60-foot lot.

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