Brookfield doesn’t have a design review process for residential architecture, at least outside of the newly created Station Area zoning districts. While the Station Area requirements include everything from windows to construction materials to landscaping, there’s no such rules for home and multifamily building design elsewhere in town.

We’re guessing that few in Brookfield want every new single-family home or home addition to have to pass the scrutiny of an appointed design review panel. 

But is it too much to ask that developers of new homes and multifamily buildings hire architects that can produce something more appealing than the blank facades proposed for a “luxury” condo development in the 4500 block of Forest Avenue?

These things may be 21st century technological wonders inside the walls, but the exterior renderings are about the most retrograde, generic “colonial” attempts at residential design you can offer. You’d think a “luxury” building would afford its owners brick on all four facades, not just one.

No one wants to be told how to design a building, but come on.

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