After being rewarded with a generous bonus in late 2016 and a big boost in salary in early 2017, Riverside Village Manager Jessica Frances will see modest pay raises in the future, according to a three-year agreement approved unanimously by the village board on Jan. 18.

Trustees passed the agreement without comment as part of a lengthy consent agenda at last week’s board meeting.

Frances’ amended contract calls for her to receive annual base pay raises of 3.5 percent over a three-year period, starting Jan. 1, 2018.

That means Frances’ 2018 salary is $144,900, up from the $140,000 she was paid in 2017. By the time the contract ends 2020, her base salary will be $155,220.

Frances may qualify for bonus payments, if the village board believes such payments are warranted. In December 2016, the village board awarded Frances a $10,000 bonus in lieu of a raise.

Then in February 2017, the village board voted to raise Frances’ base salary by 17 percent, from $119,925 to $140,000. The raise put Frances’ salary in line with top administrators in neighboring Brookfield and North Riverside.

Frances has served as Riverside’s village manager since January 2015 after working on an interim basis in that capacity for four months. Her first salary as village manager was $117,000.

Prior to being named village manager, Frances was Riverside’s finance director from January 2012 until taking on the interim manager role in September 2014.

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