OK, I’ll admit it: I am a sports junkie, said she, following Super Bowl LII. My car radio dial is set at 670-AM (the Score) and I watch ESPN, Big Ten Network and other sports channels. 

When we purchased our large-screen TV, I proclaimed it was to watch sports, Husband Joe claimed it for the food and travel channels. Many a grab for the remote has caused some differences of opinion.

I enjoy watching sports at home so I can register my feeling aloud without debates from anyone. It also provides the ability to concentrate on the event without any disturbances. Also, I can choose the choice of food and snacks. 

Not to be misunderstood, I do enjoy watching good sports events with friends, although viewing at establishments can be raucous, and we know what a quite demure person I can be, ahem.

Now I myself do not, nor did I play, sports. Well, maybe there was the occasional try at archery and some tennis, but growing up there was not much in the way of sports for girls in these parts.

In grade school we did not have physical education, though we had recess. So if you can consider hopscotch a sport, that would be me. Sports ability went to the next generations, my children and grandchildren, and has provided me with much viewing pleasure.

My sports viewing didn’t end with the Super Bowl. This week the Winter Olympics begin, which makes it a good time to talk to Don Farnham, former TV cameraman who worked many of the winter events. 

I enjoy college hoops and especially March Madness, which is a good time to contact former Riversider Jack Egan of the famed Loyola University basketball team and their exciting national championship in 1963.

The Bulls and Blackhawks haven’t given me much to be excited about. However, even though it is snowing out, I know spring training I right around the corner. Once again I will cheer on the Cubs, who are no longer thought of as the lovable losers.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some sports figures such as Ed O’Bradovich, and Steve “Mongo” Mc Michael, who let me try on his Super Bowl ring. It was very heavy but I managed. 

One afternoon after a DePaul softball game I enjoyed some libations at a Lincoln Park establishment with Doug Bruno, DePaul women’s basketball coach, sportswriter Bill Jauss and then Loyola coach Gene Sullivan; now that was fun.

Yep, I’m a sports junkie and proud of it.