Once in a while, a community needs to rally to recognize the extraordinary life of a person it has raised up and who, in turn, has returned such compassion, such strong and good service.

Brookfield will do just that next week as it turns the spotlight on Dan Hull at the Feb. 26 village board meeting. A former police officer in town, a youth sports coach for decades, a local business owner, a family man to his own family and to so many others, Dan Hull is the best of Brookfield.

Today’s Landmark profiles Hull as a compassionate cop who, in a 20-year career, embraced a caring approach. “If I pulled someone over and they were driving without a license, it wasn’t like I just caught John Gacy,” he told our Bob Uphues. “You never know, it might be the one time in their life where they really needed a break.”

Hull, now 74 and retired, was all about offering a hand up. Generations of young people saw it in his coaching of kids from grade school though community college. He figured out what a lot of youth coaches never grasp. “You got to watch out that it doesn’t mean more to you than the kids. Once you learn that, it takes a load off your mind, because the kids respect that. It’s not about me all the time.”

But this week it is about Dan Hull as Brookfield honors and celebrates this fine man.