It is completely sickening that our nation’s gun policies are simply controlled by the National Rifle Association, which continues to put money into numerous individuals’ pockets in Congress. I am sick over this, being a mother of two young daughters who are scared to go to school because of all the school shootings that have occurred in this year alone (18 total)! 

How many more of these senseless killings of children, staff and administrators at various schools around the country will it take for the Congress to do its job (for the people) and figure out how to better regulate the gun usage in this country; especially the assault weapons that are solely designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time? 

Assault weapons were designed for war and for use by the military, not for recreational use. There is no reason why anyone, including hunters, needs to own an assault weapon. Yet time and time again, the House Republican leadership has refused to allow a vote on some very simple, common-sense gun laws … selfish and irresponsible leadership! 

One suggestion would be to increase the amount of background checks before a person is even able to purchase a gun! That includes internet purchases and gun show purchases as well. Matter of fact, who even knows if these last two scenarios should be feasible anymore with all the irrational acts of violence there are in our country due to the easy access of guns. 

Another suggestion would be yearly mental checks of all individuals who own any kind of gun. No civilian in their right mind needs to own an assault style weapon — all assault weaponry needs to be banned nationwide to civilians, period. 

I don’t even know how to explain to my children how to be safe in the world we live in, and to add to that heartbreak is to teach them how to act in a situation of gun violence at their own school. They are 8 and 9 years old … this is nauseating to me to think about as a mother! 

Something needs to change before we progress even lower in this world in terms of mass shootings.

Katie Trendel 


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