Election Day is nearing and there are choices to be made. We have made our choice for judge of the 4th Judicial Subcircuit in Cook County: David Navarro. He is the only well-qualified judge running and has the highest bar association ratings in the race.

He is experienced having served as assistant state’s attorney in the Public Corruption Unit, as an assistant attorney general he led the Public Integrity Bureau. His record shows his fight against corruption and fraud and the protection of senior citizens. David Navarro brings with him 22 years of courtroom experience where he has proven to be qualified, honest and fair upholding the law.

We have known Judge Navarro and his family for 45 years. A Riverside resident, he and his wife, Kelly, are the parents of two boys and active in their church and community. 

He is a product of the Riverside grade schools and a graduate of Riverside-Brookfield High School. He also is an adjunct professor at both John Marshall Law School and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

In today’s climate we need to elect judges who are experienced, reliable and true to their values when upholding the rule of law. Judge Navarro stands on his record of honesty and fairness.

Join us in voting on March 20 or early voting for Judge David Navarro, a vote for honesty and integrity.

Joe and JoAnne Kosey